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Any member violating these terms of use will have their account terminated immediately.

1) No additional windows are allowed. This includes popups, pop-unders, exit ads, and java boxes. Website additions such as slide-ins and adgizmos are allowed as long as they do not open a new browser window and do not require a click. Free servers are welcome, but free servers with popups are not.

2) Rotators or page redirects will not be approved for free members. Pro members may submit rotators, as long as none of the pages within the rotator break FTL terms.

3) The Lotto Game: Winning tickets must have 6 different numbers picked (duplicate numbers picked on the same ticket voids the ticket). Identical tickets picked by the same member in the same drawing week can win cash ONE TIME only. Jackpot winners will be paid in installments of $100 per month for 6 months. Winning numbers are picked weekly by the Indiana Hoosier Pick 6.

4) You may not use any auto-refreshing, or auto-clicking devices. Auto-searchers or any other site that redirects or slows the surfbar may result in account suspension.

5) No frame-breakers. Your page may not close the frame.

6) ANY TECHNIQUE other than actually loading your FreeTrafficLotto START PAGE manually and viewing it yourself is a violation of the TERMS OF USE. Your account may be terminated without notice if caught attempting to gain credits in any other way.

7) Advertising your FreeTrafficLotto START PAGE, in any way that attempts to get credits from other people's surfing is considered theft and your account may be terminated.

8) Your site may not advertise or contain any of the materials listed:

  • Pornography any sexually explicit material.
  • Warez (hacking, bootleg software, etc)
  • Cheating Software designed to cheat traffic exchanges
  • Pyramid schemes, surf4cash scams, ponzi, paid-to-surf
  • Paid-To-Promote
  • Gambling sites with no free memberships.
  • Any Illegal activity, or anything that deems not family friendly

9) The text on your site must be at least 90% ENGLISH. We do not mean to discriminate against anyone, however, the staff at must be able to read your website.

10) is not responsible for any lost credits, or any damages, loss of data, or other problems associated with using our services. You agree to use this free service "As is" and at your own risk.

11) SPAM is not tolerated! Any use of unsolicited e-mail is considered SPAM and will result in termination of your account.

12) Only one account per individual or computer.

13) has the right to deny any member from using its services should we feel they are not acting in the best interest of Any member so removed will be notified. We also have the right to add to or change the terms of service at any time, and will notify members when changes have been made.

14) If you do not use your FREE FreeTrafficLotto account to earn credits, by viewing other member's sites, for a period of 30 consecutive days, your FREE account may not continue to have it's urls displayed(this does not apply to PRO accounts).

15) If you do not use your FreeTrafficLotto FREE account to earn credits by viewing other member's sites for a period of 90 consecutive days, you may receive a notice that your account could be deleted if not maintaining a higher level of activity.(does not apply to PRO accounts).

16) You agree to maintain a functioning email address that must be listed on your member page. This email address must NOT send an auto-response.

17) You agree to receive email updates related to services offered by You may also receive emails from your upline members.

18) These terms may change. You agree to comply with all changes.

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